AIGIS Digital Twin for Property Inspection & Facility Management

Improve your annual budgeting process with automated condition assessments. Standardized, objective, precise. Finally, reports you can rely on.

Property Assessment

Plan & budget effectively with automated roof, pavement, & exterior condition assessment reports

Repairs & Maintenance

Create, pinpoint, & communicate visual scope of repairs with contractors

Property Insurance

Managers, Operators, Technicians

Property Condition Assessment

  • Digitize each property to create a baseline for yearly capital planning
  • Safely fly using the DroneDeploy mobile app in autonomous or manual flight
  • Automatically generate pavement & roof assessments, and roof measurement reports

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Generate visual surveys to coordinate with contractors easily
  • Create a 360 virtual tour of your site to assist in planning
  • Accurate scope of repair requests to get precise estimates
  • Detect plan deviations during QA/QC by comparing site reality over time
  • Track and communicate progress at any stage with a Progress Report

Portfolio Management

  • Improve coordination with your team and subcontractors using a visual record of site conditions
  • Utilize 360 Walkthrough for a detailed, comprehensive view
  • Increase trust with your clients and stakeholders by sharing an accurate digital replica of each property


  • Examine building issues and document them prior to underwriting – all from the safety of a drone’s viewpoint. 
  • Improve customer relationships by using visual documentation as your sole source of truth 
  • Payout accurate claims based on pre- and post-disaster aerial maps in RGB or thermal views

With Airos, better understand, compare, and prioritize maintenance & repair needs across a portfolio of properties.

Airos creates a digital record of your entire property portfolio to improve the annual budgeting process and allocate capital expenditures to the highest value properties and assets.  Through automated data capture and condition assessments, save time on each report, improve communication with vendors, and create one source of truth for your entire portfolio.

Pavement Assessment

Automatically detect and analyze concrete or asphalt defects. Determine degradation timelines and prioritize repairs using PCIs (Pavement Condition Indices). Generate cost estimates for repairs without the need for costly, time-consuming ground surveys.

Roof Assessment

Automatically detect and classify a variety of roof defects using an aerial map. Get accurate roof measurements in a standardized report. Analyze thermal imaging to identify and correct roof penetrations and leaks. 

Exterior Assessment

Vertical Flight and the drone inspection workflow allow you to inspect structural elements such as windows and building envelopes from the safety of the ground. If any issues arise, you have visual data time-stamped to help in your claim.

Interior Assessment

Virtually walk through your properties to conduct interior inspections. Create issue tags in each panorama and view a timeline of your 360 videos or photos to assess conditions.


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