SWARM UAV Operation

Deploy a hybrid automated SWARM of drones in real-time to scale your drone operations.

Deploy Fleet

Deploy and operate a fleet of drones for a large survey or mapping area from a remote location


Plan and automatically split missions between multiple drones. Schedule routine surveys for specific date/time

Real-time Updates

Get live fleet mission status, telemetry, payload data, images and video feed on a single dashboard

Auto Deployment

Rule-based engine for auto drone selection and deployment to meet the high-level mission objectives

Why are single drone survey & mapping operations inefficient?

Single drone survey and mapping operations have successfully been around for a few years, but they have a fair share of disadvantages.


Reduced Flight Time

A drone is restricted by its battery capacity, thus a single drone cannot cover large areas in one single flight. Pausing missions for swapping batteries adds up more ground time


Lengthy Operation Times

When surveying really large areas, using just one drone stretches your operation time to uneconomical lengths. Managing multiple sites is out of the question


Delayed Results

The collection and processing of data is slower, with no real-time updates.  Capturing and geotagging data, uploading and processing it, is still a manual and cumbersome process.


Scarce Subject Experts

There is a limited availability of subject matter experts in the surveying and mapping industry. With one such expert invested in each site, doesn’t really solve the problem we are tackling.

To summarize the problem, single drone operations have a lot of drawbacks and most notably are time and resource consuming. All of this combined, results in a broken workflow as there are time gaps between each step; planning, operations (multiple flights), data collection & processing, resulting in a bad ROI.

Upgrade to a Drone Fleet Management System.

Using AIROS Base Drone Fleet Survey and Mapping Solution, you can control a fleet of automated drones connected to the cloud (or a local network), eliminating mission planning complexity, reducing total air and ground time, in turn reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

With the integration of our cloud platform, you get a real-time data feed from the drone fleet, which translates to faster analysis of the acquired data giving you instant results as compared to conventional methods.


Extended Flight Time

Plan a single mission over a large area and application will automatically split and assign it to specific drones to cover the area together in unison, in just one single flight.


Reduced Operation Time

Deploy drones at multiple sites and manage them remotely with ease over a secure cloud connection (via 4G/LTE), schedule missions for routine surveys.


Instant Results

Capture and view live imagery data over the cloud, make the required corrections in mission waypoints, process data to create orthomaps, 3D reconstructions etc.


One-Expert Multiple Sites

The subject expert or project in-charge can look at multiple sites, view results and suggest changes if required, all this from a single location while sitting at a remote location.

Scale your survey and mapping operations and achieve the required ROI

Customized White-label Solution

Get a customized drone fleet survey and mapping solution as per your requirement and workflow. Add your branding to the dashboard and launch it faster.

Remote Drone Operations Simplified

Overseeing and controlling drone operations from a remote location has never been easier. AIROS is a cloud-based turnkey solution, enabling deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web-based dashboard, for a seamless experience.


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