Solution for BVLOS Drone Operations

Getting started with BVLOS operations is no longer a hassle. AIROS Base provides a ready-to-use solution for remote control, fleet management, and automatic charging of your drones.

Remote Fleet Control

Deploy a fleet of drones and manage all your operations from a remote ground station or anywhere else in the world over the cloud.

Fully Automated Operations

Plan & execute autonomous waypoint missions. Automate drone take-off and landing with Ground control station integration

Live HD Video Feed

Stream live video feed (up to 4K resolution) from multiple drones with a latency of <1 sec over 4G/5G. Share feed with guests in real time.

Flight Safety Actions

Configure auto failsafes in the event of low battery or link loss. Demarcate no-fly zones using a geofence.

Connect & Fly a Hybrid Fleet of Drones

Min Setup Time, Hardware Independent

Use any drone (yes, we are a drone-agnostic platform). No additional software installations are required. AIROS edge cloud connectivity module allows you to remotely access your fleet anytime. It supports all major hardware platforms such as  Ardupilot, and PX4, enabling you to comfortably switch between drones on demand.

Land Your Drone Precisely Everytime

Precisely land the drone with a centimeter-level accuracy. AIROS edge precision landing module is the world’s smartest target landing solution. Powered by AIROS Base, it utilizes computer-vision technology and dedicated landing algorithms to precisely align, approach, and land UAVs on an ArUco tag.

Go Fully Autonomous with Our Mobile Solution

Airos is an end-to-end automation software with powerful edge capabilities for off-the-shelf drones and mobile docking stations. Conduct and monitor BVLOS operations remotely. Seamlessly manage your entire workflow on a unified and intuitive web-based dashboard.


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