Drone Software Solution for Automated Remote Infrastructure Inspection

Reduce risks, data inconsistency and increase ROI, by automated remote inspection with drones for wind turbines, cell towers, and pipelines.

Why Airosspace

Wind Turbine

The wind industry has grown at around 26 percent per year over the past 18 years, and by the year 2030 about 20% of our energy will come from wind turbines. To gain such kinds of energy, proper maintenance of the infrastructure throughout its 20 year lifetime is of utmost importance.

Cell Tower

The Cell Tower infrastructure and the people who maintain them are indispensable to keeping our 21st century lifestyle. Consistent inspection of each and every cell phone tower, keeps our systems running smoothly. The towers can face damages from bad weather, bird nests and beehives, etc.


Pipelines are vulnerable to damage by internal and external corrosion, cracking, third party damage and manufacturing flaws. If a pipeline carrying water leaks or bursts, it is a problem but it usually doesn’t harm the environment, but if a petroleum or chemical pipeline leaks, it can lead to an environmental disaster.

Traditional Infrastructure Inspection Methods

Until now, inspecting a vertically high industrial infrastructure such as cell towers and wind turbines, and large area spanning structures such as pipelines, required transporting heavy equipment to remote areas, tower climbing for manned inspections, making it vulnerable to fatal injuries and liable for high insurance costs. Even with manual single drone operations, there are cases of inconsistencies in captured data.


High Risk

Maintenance and inspection workers and contractors risk their personal safety in process of recording and reporting tower conditions and repair jobs. Many sustain nearly fatal injuries while performing infrastructure inspections.


Timely inefficient

Inspection is the first step of the lengthy process. It may take multiple weeks for an inspectors to write the field reports, identify and purchase the necessary materials and schedule repair appointments for the damaged infrastructure.


Costly & Ineffective

For risky manned inspection operations liability insurance is expensive, and so are the costs associated with training someone to carry out a manual tower inspection, as well as the hours required to generate the final report.


Inconsistent Data

Often with manually captured images, the processed data is incomplete or worse, requires the whole process to be repeated. Some inspection applications do use a single drone for image capturing but those are manually operated and result in same inconsistencies.

Safer & Quicker Inspection With Automated Drones

Current infrastructure inspection solutions are either outdated, unsuitable or too unreliable to be adopted by the industry in hopes of effective use and increased ROI. Carrying out automated remote inspections using drones, the processes can be practically sped up resulting in time efficiency and cost savings. The biggest take away of all is safety, it is the most important difference between manned and unmanned infrastructure inspections.


Safer operations

Unmanned remote inspections with drones do not require human personal to climb towers or inspect miles long pipelines. All of this is done automatically and the inspector can sit at a remote location and process the data relayed from the drone.


Time efficiency

Just in a few hours and couple of short flights a drone can take hundreds of detailed photos which will then be converted into a orthomosaic or 3D model, for better assessment of the infrastructure, cutting down the cost involved and the time taken for detecting any flaws by a considerable margin.


Save Cost & Increase Efficiency

Deploy automated drones at minimal Cap-Ex investment and increase operational efficiency. FlytBase supports commercial off-the-shelf drones which makes it easy for customers to deploy drones at scale. Integration with drone-in-a-box solutions help users to fully automate the drone operations.


Accurate Data

A drone can automatically collect the accurate data in a few flights to create a thorough and complete 3D model of the inspected infrastructure. An automated deployment and function will result in fewer discrepancies in the captured data.

Customized White-label Solution

Get a ready-to-use drone fleet remote inspection solution for wind-turbine, cell tower, and pipeline, as per your requirement and workflow. Add your branding to the dashboard and put your drones at work, faster.

Remote Drone Operations Simplified

Overseeing and controlling drone operations from a remote location has never been easier. FlytNow is a cloud-based turnkey solution, enabling deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web-based dashboard, for a seamless experience.


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