Connect Drones To Cloud Applications

APIs for Real-time access and control to drone navigation, telemetry and payload

Real Time Control

Issue commands and get telemetry data from the drone at very low-latency.

Live Video Stream

Delivery video-stream from the drone to any device, over any protocol.

Seamless Integration

Ready integration’s with 100+ 3rd party applications and services.

Machine Learning

Leverage the AI platform for data-analytics over live or stored data.

Airos Now

Airos Now is a ready-to-use web-based GCS application for real-time telemetry, control and video-streaming with cloud-connected (over 3G, 4G/LTE, or WiFi) drones.


Easy Setup

Connect your drones to cloud in minutes!

Real Time APIs

Extensive APIs for real-time control and telemetry

Log Retrieval

Manage flight & autopilot logs for detailed analysis

Network Support

Supports 3G, 4G/LTE and WiFi networks

Minimal Latency

Proprietary protocol ensures very low-latency

Oauth 2.0

Connect with your custom or 3rd party apps

End-to-end Encryption

Highest security over communication channel

Authentication & Authorization

Multi-level user access to share select resources

Remotely triggered apps

Trigger onboard apps from remote web/mobile UI.

Enterprise Grade

Various deployment options to suit business needs

Edge Management

Manage intelligence and configuration of your drones

Fleet Management

Unified dashboard to view the status of entire fleet

Supported Platforms

Deployment Options

Public Cloud

Fully managed cloud-based drone API and management service, to provide a secure and reliable platform for building commercial drone applications. This is the fastest and easiest way to get started.

Private Cloud

Airos Cloud can be deployed on your private cloud to suit your specific business requirements. The solution can be scaled on demand, and regular updates are made available to ensure reliability and security.

On Premise

Our team can assist you with on-premise deployment of select Airos Cloud services, based on your requirements. This instance can be customised and optimised to meet your application requirements.

Airos Base AI Platform

Airos Base AI platform provides a fully-automated workflow for preparing datasets, training models and deploying trained-models for inferencing. This enables fast turnaround at lower cost, for a given use-case. The design of the platform allows for scaling on demand, to accommodate large complex problems.

Real-Time Object Classification

Detect and classify 100’s of object from available trained models. Leverage automated training pipeline to build new models.

Crack/Corrosion Detection

Use AI platform for automatic detection of corrosion, cracks and other defects during structural inspections.

Object Counting

Count the animals in the farm, or the trees in the forest, in real-time or by using stored data from previous flights.

Change Detection

Automated detection of change in patterns over time helps in estimating progress, or send notifications/alerts.

Data Analytics

Airos Base, through its partner network, provides access to various data-processing and analytics engines. Your custom drone applications can now seamlessly plan and operate missions, as well as, collect and analyse data, through unified dashboards.



Capture, view, geotag and upload images to the cloud from drone fleet. Process it to generate orthomosaics for survey and mapping.



Measure crop health and generate intelligent reports using NDVI. Automate data collection, processing and reports.

3D Reconstruction

3D Reconstruction

Fly drones for vertical inspections for telecom towers, wind turbines, powerline etc., and generate 3D reconstructions for better analysis.

Volumetric Analysis

Volumetric Analysis

Monitor construction or mining sites remotely. Collect stockpile volume data and track equipments, workforce, vehicle using one application.

Application Dashboards

A delivery drone application is very different from an inspection application. You need application-specific dashboards, with automated workflows, and integrations with 3rd party services, to optimise your operations.

White Labeled Solutions

FlytCloud makes it easy to configure and provide your users with a customised experience. Add your branding to your cloud-connected drone dashboards, powered by FlytCloud, and launch it in days.

Easy Integrations

FlytCloud has been designed for scalability and extensibility. External application can easily connect with FlytCloud via OAuth, RESTful APIs and websocket. Our partnership with further provides ready integration with 100’s of other applications.


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