Airos Data Platform

Building robust, resilient, scalable, secure data platform with best practices and industry standards.


Airos collects various types of datasets, including real-time viewership data from our streaming platforms across all devices and markets.

Airos Data platform offers a complete solution to automate such tasks. Ingest, transform and integrate datasets into a single source of truth within our data warehouse, modeled accordingly to industry standards of the enterprise warehouse design and dimensional modeling.

Deliver high-quality data products to all our stakeholders. Enable to work as autonomously as possible across well-architected, secure, resilient, and performant data estate.


Countinuosly maintaing and innovating our data platform ensuring that the growth in the volume and variety of the data doesn’t compromise existing service level agreements. Supports analytical and data science use cases with careful consideration of security,privacy and regulatory requirements. 


Continuous data protection.
Data is encrypted. Privacy & security compliant.

Your data is safe with us!


Ability to maintain operations during crisis


Ability to withstand a major disruption and recover within an acceptable time.


System’s ability to handle varying amounts of work by adding or removing resources from system


Low Latency & High Throughput


Airos Base AI controlled drones platform is based in the cloud, wherein the entire workflow of preparing datasets, training models and deploying trained-models for inferencing has been automated. This enables quicker turn around time and faster iterations when a use case is being worked upon. Being in the cloud also helps in scaling the system up at runtime when demand (either for training, or for real-time inferencing) increases.

Use Cases

Object Detection

Counting the number of Arabian Oryx from an orthomap image. These are an endangered specie and keeping a tab on their count goes towards their conservation.

Crack Detection

Locating cracks and rust areas from an image of industrial structures.

Change Detection

Detecting changes between two photos of a parking lot taking from almost the same vantage point at different times.


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