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Level 5 Autonomus Drones

Minimize the Man Interventions in Drone Operations.
Autonomy Supports GIS Business Intelligence in Real-Time.

Automate & Scale Drone Operations

Airos Base is an enterprise drone automation platform which provides drone agnostic software solutions to deploy fully automated.

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Control Drone from Anywhere, Get Unlimited Range

Get live video feed and control drone over 4G/LTE. Intuitive controls let you fly the drone, see aerial cockpit view, plan mission.

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Built for Safety, Security & Reliability

Geofence and pre-flight checklist make sure your flights are safe. End-to-end encryption and authentication keep your drone and data access – secure.

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Ready-to-Use, Zero Setup Time, Use Any Device

Airos Now supports all major drones, allowing you to comfortably switch drones and payload on demand. Anytime with no installation required.

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Automated Solution for Aerial Security & Surveillance

Increase overall security and operational efficiency aided by a birds eye view from a fleet of interconnected drones equipped with thermal and night vision cameras. 

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DroneDeploy for Property Inspection & Facility Management

Improve your annual budgeting process with automated condition assessments. Standardized, objective, precise. Finally, reports you can rely on.

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Drone Software Solutions

Our products works with customers to help them with automated drone software solutions. Cloud connectivity with various pre-built onboard intelligence modules and enterprise-grade features, provide all the essential building blocks for quickly assembling sophisticated drone applications for warehouse-management, security & surveillance, industrial inspections, emergency response, etc.

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